How Could I Create The Roblox HQ?

So, I am trying to build the roblox headquarters. What approaches can I take to create this? What design could I do?

Your best bet is to lurk around the web for images, blueprints, maps, etc.

I cant find any images. The only thing I see is free model images and the headquarters location.

I believe the natives here term this process: Casing the joint

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Casing the joint? I am confused

The Roblox HQ as in the old Roblox game? I’d ask for you to provide more details. I’d recommend using Google Maps, this is the best I can find. image

There are many ways to create the HQ building. Use ideas from existing images to help you find the proper building and shape.

The information provided in the thread could be answered by doing your own research. If you search for solutions based on finding images of the HQ, there are a few images that’ll provide you with the front appearance of the building. The design is really up to you if you’re trying to replicate the actual building I’ll try searching around and find a few images to take along the process I currently did a little search on my own and found a few reference images.

The design and ways to approach this could be achieved on your own perceptive view: I’m assuming your trying to achieve something similar to this?

God dang. This would be hard as I have no experience. But I will try. Thanks.

Maybe this will help.

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