How could I draw this texture?

So I’ve been into making particle effects and I like to make my own textures until I was stumped. I want to make this texture but don’t really know how and since I didn’t know where to ask, I came here.

This is the texture:

And this one, kinda.

Why cant you just use them?

Have you tried messaging the actuaul creator?

Good idea and @JustAGameDeveloper1 I don’t use them mainly because I like to make my own so I feel better when I’m done and I’m not always gonna be able to find a good texture so I might as well start now.

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Also btw most particle effect textures are made in programs like substance designer and others and usually not hand drawn, atleast in my experience.

I use Inkscape. Use the eclipse button to draw a circle.
Click on CTRL + D to make a duplicate on top the the first drawn circle. You can size them however you want. Use the height and width textboxes to make them equal size if you like or just drag them at the arrows shown to scale them.

Move the top one a little bit up or to the direction you want. If you move them out of place and want them to align equally, you can use the align menu. Click them both and then choose how to align them, for example: center on vertical axis, center on horizontal axis.

Keep in mind that the reason you move the circle on top is to use it to cut the circle on the bottom. Whatever the top covers, it will cut that part out of the bottom circle, just like when you do Negate and Union in Roblox. So the top circle will be the negate. You can move the circle while it is selected by pressing on the arrow keys. If you press on the arrow keys while holding down the Shift, it will move a bigger space; smaller space if you hold down the Alt.

After you move it to the desired position, select both circles and then go to the Path menu and click on Difference

Select what you made and export selection as PNG file format. You will get the image with transparency.

You can also do gradient in inkscape.

For the fill color, just click on the desired gradient, radial or linear. For this, it is radial. Use the gradient editor to select the nodes on the gradient line and change the color. While the gradient editor is selected, you can double click on the line to add new nodes for new color starts and stops and change their transparency/opacity, too.

Oh my god. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me! I’ll definitely try this. Thank you again and have a great day.

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