How could I fix this? Is this a bug?

When I have a texture on 1 face of a block, and the block itself is transparent [ meaning you could see through it from the other side], and then I have some other blocks that are mid transparent [let’s say 0.5]
there’s an issue that lets you see those parts from the texture side - which is not what I want obviously.

Example of what I mean:

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I am still confused about what you are asking. Can you send screenshots or clarify further?

The yellow part in the drawing is a texture of a normal part with complete 1 transparency.
the red square is another part [with no textures, and 0 transparency] behind that part with the texture

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You’re able to get the intended behaviour if you use a SurfaceGui with an ImageLabel texture.

Here I have an ImageLabel (smaller square) and a Decal (bigger square) with the same texture:


As you can see, the ImageLabel blocks the background.

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