How could I go about creating sub places in a script?

I want to create something such as a lobby-server kind of deal.
So a player can create a party, others can join, and the game can be started.

I am not asking for code, but merely a place to start with this.

Thank you for support


If I understand your question correctly, you should take a look at the ReserveServer method of TeleportService. What this does is you pass a PlaceId and it will reserve a server by returning an access code that you can then use in the TeleportToPrivateServer method.

To put it in practice, call the ReserveServer method when a party leader wants to go to a lobby. Pass the PlaceId of the lobby place to the method and you will then get an access code. For each player in the party, call TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer() to send them to the lobby. You will now have all the players from the party in a different (lobby) place and no other players will be able to join that lobby server unless you give them the access code.


Thank you I’ll take a look into this!