How could I grow my twitter as a roblox dev

I am about 97% done creating my first game and I want to start growing a community for my game. I have had a lot of small twitch streamers with about 20-30 viewers play my game on stream with their viewers but this has only brought in maybe 8 people to my discord.

I have a twitter already made but have literally no followers and I barely use twitter as a social media. I have grown instagram accounts before but I think twitter is a lot different before so I don’t even really know where to start.

Also open to any other ideas on how I can try to grow a community before I release game.


You could post in-game promo codes on Twitter I think it would encourage more people to check out your Twitter account because everybody loves free rewards

when a player redeems the code then you could give them in-game currency or something like that I guess

You could post progress,showcase or sneakpeak about your game. I post showcase and progress about my game on twitter and tiktok and it did pretty well. I mainly post on tiktok cause it’s fast to grow there if you know the tricks. I guess the important part when posting is putting tags and the quality of whatever your posting.


Tiktok: TikTok

Hi, I’ve spent a lot of my time doing digital marketing work including social media promotions and community growth for businesses. Although things in Roblox are different, many things still apply and it sounds like you already have a few really great things going for you, like having small streamers playing your game.

Firstly, Twitter & Instagram are entirely different worlds realistically Instagram is not the ideal platform for communities and game studios since a lot of people don’t connect games to their accounts on platforms like Instagram since it’s advertised as an app to share experiences with friends and family. In contrast, Twitter in my eyes is a marketing platform that is meant for businesses to communicate directly with their audience in the public eye.

Anyways, a lot of Twitter is miracle work. You need one post to get enough attention and engagement to push that domino effect into play. But if you really are trying to grow your Twitter community you need to stay consistent and continuously push out engaging posts like game teases to get people interested, promotions for people who follow your feed, etc. otherwise you’re giving people no real reason to care about your game or giving them a reason to check it out. Your Twitter audience is eyes that don’t know you and aren’t convinced of your game so you need to make them aware of your game and why they should be interested otherwise you’re just going to pedaling in place. Another thing I would suggest you try is if you’re trying to get people into your discord do sneak peeks and codes or in-game giveaways to get them to join can try collaborating with those streamers to push their following into jumping on the bandwagon as well.

I could go on and on but I think this information should be helpful enough to give you a push into the idea of what to do.

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