How Could I Implement Drawn Impact Frames?

Lately, I’ve been making a combat game and it’s going well, I’ve been researching effects for a while and saw people making drawn impact frames in animations, I am wondering how I can create something similar or follow steps that I can take to achieve such effects.

For example, this guy showcases an animated move for a game called Rogue Demon and when you pause on the impact frames, you will see it’s not just highlights, it’s hand drawn.

(Video from

If you have any answers or guidance I would much appreciate that!


I’m pretty sure they are looping through imagelabels (kind of like a flipbook), so just iterate through the visibility of a folder/set of imagelabels to achieve the same effect. (Even if it isn’t imagelabels, it should still give you what you want)

Can’t I just use flipbooks actually?

If they are a property of imagelabels then yea, (I havent worked with them in a while)

I just thought about it I could just draw particle flipbooks to create drawn outlines.

Could you go in depth about this? I’ve been wondering how to do drawn impact frames for a while but all methods I’ve done have been in vain. Haven’t even thought about flipbook particles nor what I would do for them?

With flipbooks, you can basically make animated particles, with that you can already tell that you can attach those particles to the player during the impact frame animation to add the drawn impacts.