How could I improve the design of this arcade game?

The Cyclone - An Arcade Game

Hiya! I’m currently working on creating an arcade game called The Cyclone. Keep in mind, this game is not even near close to done as there are still more improvements coming in the near future.

How the arcade game will function:
This game will start off with an introduction of instructions on how the game works then countdown and start the actual gameplay part of The Cyclone. The gameplay includes an on-going light that will go around and around in a circular motion using the lights that surround the button and text display (look at the image below for reference). The player’s goal is to click the button while the odd-looking indicator is lit. If the player fails to do so, they lose. And if they succeed, the player wins.

add some spice

What type of feedback I’m looking for:
I’m mainly looking for feedback on how the game looks. I think it looks bland and simple and I want some ideas on what to add to it. If you have any ideas, please consider replying to this post with such ideas and or feedback on the build.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day!


I do not know what your talking about “Spiced up”. I think you meant “improve the build”. You should add multiple colors at the bottom of the thing. For the button, I would recommend you recolor it to yellow, because some board games mostly have yellow and blue buttons. Also for the little objects separated apart from each other, you should put them apart just a TINY bit at least.


Thank you for your feedback! I will take this into consideration.


Possibly try adding the different colored lights and add the glass dome that’s usually on top? Also maybe try adding the part where the tickets come out on the side?


Honestly looking at the picture… it looks messy and unequal. I don’t know if it is supposed to look like that, but yeah.

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