How could I improve these bowling pin physics?

Sometimes pins will slide too far

Hey, so my pins have a number of parts welded to it to enhance their physical properties. More bounce, roll, etc. I keep making adjustments but I can’t really negate this issue to a very balanced extent…

Any ideas how I could go about improving this behavior? Realistically, if a pin is rolling that fast and hits another pin, this behavior shouldn’t occur as much as it does.



Bowling pins are heavy, try increasing the density of the pins. You’ll have to enable custom physical properties first.


@wevetments is right to suggest increasing the density of the pins. Alongside that, you might want to try applying various materials to the bowling pins since the texture would obscure the material and it allows for experimentation with the different dynamics.

For example, if I apply an ice material to these bowling pins, they promptly fall over due to their high density and slide across the ground similarly to how pins slide across the oil-slicked lane:
Obviously ice may not be the perfect choice for your situation, but it would definitely be a good idea to mess with different materials to see which interact the best with the bowling ball. Even changing the bowling ball to a different material like metal could change the dynamics and produce a better result.


Yeah, you should maybe make it so it doesn’t bounce around, but make it heavy and fall down and settle quickly.

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