How could I improve this game concept?


Okay, so the game is a roleplay-based city game. Already sounds unoriginal. But I’m putting a twist on it. Basically, I am making a game as realistic as I can, called Pinecliff, the game is going to be based on a large open-world smooth terrain island with realistic mesh trees/vegetation (I might megascan the vegetation from my local forest, which’d be cool and realistic). The players are going to be able to build their houses from scratch, inspired from Welcome to Bloxburg, not gonna lie, but they are also going to be able to make shops as separate buildings where AI’s can buy from them. The game is going to be a lot more heavily roleplay-based than a lot of other rp games, which I think is going to make it appeal to a lot more people. Basically, the game is going to be as realistic as possible (R15, I am not using Rthro, it just wouldn’t work on a roleplaying game and would just attract trolls to be honest, and after a bit of research shows most of the rp community don’t even like Rthro to begin with).

How could I improve this concept?


Uncopylocked Placement System!

First of i think its a fun idea but still it would need to be pretty amazing to compete with the other rp games.
Second what could be nice is that everyone could start a business.
But there are only that many slots for certain businesses.
So a world has maybe 10 differed shops and maybe 2 police stations and 1 airfield.
Third you should try to make other people work together for example if you need a certain thing you need to have other players to create it for you before you can use it.

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A lot of people are at odds with Rthro.

I think in a few months when Rthro improves and we see some cool packages people will like it more. Good call using R15.

Yes my Viking game get’s a lot of trolls, so my admins have to ban them but what I suggest you add is a votekick system to improve getting rid of unwanted players.



Thanks for the suggestion, everyone already can create businesses and join other, but I love the idea of people making stuff for others! Thanks!

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I like the idea of a vote kick system, thanks, I will most likely use that!

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I would also suggest using StreamingEnabled for the smooth terrain map. At the moment it’s being worked on to fix it’s problems but I say give it a few months or so and it’ll be fixed.

Basically streaming enabled only loads in what the player can see, instead of the entire game, which makes it have a better performance. Especially if you’re trying to go big


How can I improve load time for players?

I’m already using streaming enabled, but thanks for the suggestion!

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I think that if you want to attract different types of players you should give a lot of importance to the vehicles as they are one of the things which are going to be more used in a roleplay game.

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Be careful with streaming’s enabled because big games have trouble with it.

— read this for better information.

I like the concept, especially with the ability to build a shop. I think that, as it is a roleplaying game, players should be able to to into a shop along with the AI and purchace things from other shops.

Good luck with your game, can’t to see what you come up with!

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Thanks for the heads up, players are already going to be able to buy from other people’s shops, and I was thinking of making it so that if a plot is vacant, a random preset one will be put on for people to use.



That’s a good idea. Maybe have poorer and richer areas of town where land costs less/more and NPCs will pay less/more for products.

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Good idea!



I’m already making a game like this xd

I have actually tried to make ultra-realistic RP games many times and I’ve found that not only is it a waste of time to make things super realistic, it also adds nothing to the gameplay experience.

I’d focus on making one aspect of the game shine. In Bloxburg it’s building houses, in the old RP games I fondly remember (cuz I haven’t played any in like the last 4 years) it was roleplaying itself. There was one where everyone was just a criminal or a cop (the other jobs were pointless) so the developer focused on that.



As Intended_Pun said, realism itself doesn’t add much to a game, and you’re better off focusing on one (or a select few) core gimmick(s) to make your game unique, quality and achievable.

Realism doesn’t even fit the style of Roblox that much, Rthro or not. In my opinion, it can usually only be pulled off on Roblox if it’s through a ton of specific work on something like a showcase or a high quality, linear, story-based game like Roses. It is entirely possible to make good looking games that are fairly simple and unique. Jailbreak used smooth terrain and a simple and unique low-poly style – and it was even built/modelled by one of the best builders on Roblox, which says a lot about the value of not going the realism route.

As for features, you want to find something that makes your game your game and build on it, make it great and fun. You want something to market to your players, which is where your unique and defined features come in. Having too much features not only bloats your game, it creates a ton of work for you and can go way out of scope.

Even behemoth games like Jailbreak originally started out really simple: If you’re a prisoner: Escape jail, rob the single bank building in the map and don’t get caught. If you’re a cop: Stop prisoners from escaping, get them back in jail when they do, and stop them from robbing the bank. That was the core goal, and it was the focus of all of the other features – which there weren’t many of, since there were really only vehicles and weapons back then.

Also, another thing to remember is your target audience. I don’t know, and have never known, of a kid younger than 12 who cares about realism. AFAIK, they don’t care. Roleplaying is similar; while it may be appealing and popular, you must also remember that your audience are simpletons (it’s a pretty bad way of saying it, but that’s the truth). Compare Meep City to whatever your game is gonna be like – Meep City is successful because of roleplaying, but to me it seems like you are going for something that is way different. Not to say you shouldn’t take risks, but there are ones that seem worth it and others that don’t.

There is an advanced roleplaying niche on Roblox, but do remember they probably won’t be getting you the numbers you want.

Game design is a hecking nightmare! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking that an ultra-realistic game would make it stand out more and attract more people who want a more realistic experience. I am also basing my map in an area that makes it stand out a lot more than a lot of other games.



While I can partially agree with this, there are games like Welcome To Bloxburg whist are almost always front page and top earning, which are primarily roleplay-based.

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Yeah, I thought realism would make my game unique too. I literally made it so the grass grew and you had to cut it (that sounds dumb because it is dumb).

You are 100% right about roleplaying games being popular. They have never been a niche on Roblox— There’s always been popular roleplay games, since before I joined in 2011 (In fact the second game I ever played was Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. The best RP game of all time.)

But all RP games have one thing in common that’s the key to their success: They’re social.

I think your game idea is already awesome :+1:. You already have your gimmick which sets you apart from everyone else, and I’d make it shine. Players like to make things up as they play, they don’t need ultra realism to have fun. Don’t be like me and waste years trying to make a realistic game only to get discouraged and quit.

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Thanks for the tips, but I already have the mesh trees built and someone else is building the map. It isn’t going to be as realistic as physically possible, but it won’t be “cartoony” either. The game itself allows players to literally start a business, which makes the job of working for money a lot more fun and rewarding. They make the building for the shop, run the shop, decide the theme of the shop, etc. They build their houses too, and I feel that when Future Is Bright gets released fully, it will only add to the realism.

Edit: The entire game will be social, I am making as many aspects as I can as social as possible. Collaborations on houses/businesses, etc, a family system, the ability to change the size and age of the player, an avatar system.

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Do whatever you think is best. I wish you luck, if you pull it off I’ll be super impressed!



I don’t know if you mean to make the player start off with an empty baseplate. I would advise against it, because not everyone will be willing to accept the time & effort cost of building their house from scratch right off the bat. By starting with a base house, players who want to remake their house from scratch still can.

I’m also not sure that realism is important enough. More realistic builds might also be harder to render / take up more memory. That might force you to lower the max player count, which is important for social rps.

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