How could I improve this trivia game?

I recently made game with me and my friends, It’s a trivia game.

I really need some feedback please.

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It’s amazing, but here’s some things I noticed…

  • Inside of all the o’s and #'s there’s an odd little dot
  • I didn’t know ANY of the questions, way too hard for easy ones.
  • When it shows the leaderboard, the intermission is a bit too long.
  • The warning at the start looks like one of those invisible gamepass scams
  • Why would we need to report a question you put in?
  • The Harry Potter one was amazing though-- I loved typing it in that’s amazing.
  • The UI is perfect, even the ones at the top!
  • The colors changing depending on the question theme, just perfect…
  • How’ll we get codes?

Other than that it’s an amazing game with a lot of potential.

Edit: Now it is randomly showing a podium instead of a leaderboard. It doesn’t show the user or score and just 0 and colors.

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I have not made any codes yet. The questions have to be reported because I did not make any any of the questions and used the open trivia api.

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Thats not a glitch, I think it is the Team round. the reason it is 0 is because your team has 0 points.

Might want to have questions be approved before being shown. A lot of them are poor quality (grammar mistakes, don’t make sense, etc.) and some are outright inappropriate.

That’s why there is a report button, And there is a warning in the beginning

Could you give me some examples?

You’re not supposed to need a report button. Allowing unmoderated questions is irresponsible and possibly against TOS.

Sorry, I will switch the questions or self moderate them. (EDIT:I fixed it)