How could I instantly lock the player's camera to first person?

How could I instantly lock the player’s camera to first person? If I just change the CameraMode to LockFirstPerson while the player is in third person camera it does not instantly switch to first person, rather it does a quick zoom-in. I want to make it so that it instantly goes into first person.
Any help is appreciated.

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change this one form starter player to lock in first person

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@devloperblox you were super close! You also needed to change the Max/Min Zoom properties in StarterPlayer. Changing them both to the same small number will restrict camera zoom to a first person. I’d suggest changing both to 15

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we don’t need to do that bc it’s already force to first person that’s mean they can’t zoom out already


This is what I am currently using and no, it does not make the switch to first person instant, there is a little zoom in animation beforehand which is what I’m trying to get rid of

oh I see, you can try to make a fake camerapart inside player head and use runservice to stick the camera into it, bc it’s a runservice so there will be no tween betwee 3rd to 1st