How could I make 2 hand VR grabbing?

I have working grabbing in my VR game. The thing is, the 2 hand grabbing I implemented doesn’t work well. It’s extremely buggy.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could do this?

Ignore both hands and set the physics constraint to be in the center of the two connected hands, allowing you to have one physics point apply pressure while it looks like two are.

That might of made no sense what so ever; A hand by itself should be manipulatable through physics, therefore allowing the hand to collide with various world objects.

To fix the problem above where physic objects are starting to bug out, you would eliminate both the hand physics and implement an invisible physics object which is double the power of a normal hand.

This is like a invisible hand which should feel like both hands are doing something, however in reality it’s just the one.

This is just an idea though, i’m not sure if this idea will be a good solution :smile:

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Make sure to add anti root joint anticheat for VR. VR is vulnerable to exploiters especially. Never trust the client and as long as you add a temper check and a way to regen tampered features and reset players with tampered humanoids you should be good.

This is just my formal caution. I have had some issues with VR exploiters.

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