How could I make a anti grief for a doomspire game?

Hey, I have been trying to figure out on how to make a anti grief so that teammates cannot destroy their own base

Rocket launcher script:

--| Constants |--

local GRAVITY_ACCELERATION = workspace.Gravity

local RELOAD_TIME = 3 -- Seconds until tool can be used again
local ROCKET_SPEED = 60 -- Speed of the projectile

local MISSILE_MESH_ID = ''
local MISSILE_MESH_SCALE =, 0.35, 0.25)
local ROCKET_PART_SIZE =, 1.2, 3.27)

--| Variables |--

local DebrisService = game:GetService('Debris')
local PlayersService = game:GetService('Players')

local MyPlayer

local Tool = script.Parent
local ToolHandle = Tool:WaitForChild("Handle")

local MouseLoc = Tool:WaitForChild("MouseLoc",10)

local RocketScript = script:WaitForChild('Rocket')
local SwooshSound = script:WaitForChild('Swoosh')
local BoomSound = script:WaitForChild('Boom')

--NOTE: We create the rocket once and then clone it when the player fires
local Rocket ='Part') do
	-- Set up the rocket part
	Rocket.Name = 'Rocket'
	Rocket.FormFactor = Enum.FormFactor.Custom --NOTE: This must be done before changing Size
	Rocket.CanCollide = false

	-- Add the mesh
	local mesh ='SpecialMesh', Rocket)
	mesh.MeshId = MISSILE_MESH_ID

	-- Add fire
	local fire ='Fire', Rocket)
	fire.Heat = 5
	fire.Size = 2

	-- Add a force to counteract gravity
	local bodyForce ='BodyForce', Rocket)
	bodyForce.Name = 'Antigravity'
	bodyForce.Force =, Rocket:GetMass() * GRAVITY_ACCELERATION, 0)

	-- Clone the sounds and set Boom to PlayOnRemove
	local swooshSoundClone = SwooshSound:Clone()
	swooshSoundClone.Parent = Rocket
	local boomSoundClone = BoomSound:Clone()
	boomSoundClone.PlayOnRemove = true
	boomSoundClone.Parent = Rocket

	-- Attach creator tags to the rocket early on
	local creatorTag ='ObjectValue', Rocket)
	creatorTag.Value = MyPlayer
	creatorTag.Name = 'creator' --NOTE: Must be called 'creator' for website stats
	local iconTag ='StringValue', creatorTag)
	iconTag.Value = Tool.TextureId
	iconTag.Name = 'icon'

	-- Finally, clone the rocket script and enable it
	local rocketScriptClone = RocketScript:Clone()
	rocketScriptClone.Parent = Rocket
	rocketScriptClone.Disabled = false

--| Functions |--

local function OnActivated()
	local myModel = MyPlayer.Character
	if Tool.Enabled and myModel and myModel:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") and myModel.Humanoid.Health > 0 then
		Tool.Enabled = false
		local Pos = MouseLoc:InvokeClient(MyPlayer)
		-- Create a clone of Rocket and set its color
		local rocketClone = Rocket:Clone()
		DebrisService:AddItem(rocketClone, 30)
		rocketClone.BrickColor = MyPlayer.TeamColor

		-- Position the rocket clone and launch!
		local spawnPosition = (ToolHandle.CFrame *, 0, 0)).p
		rocketClone.CFrame =, Pos) --NOTE: This must be done before assigning Parent
		rocketClone.Velocity = rocketClone.CFrame.lookVector * ROCKET_SPEED --NOTE: This should be done before assigning Parent
		rocketClone.Parent = workspace


		Tool.Enabled = true

function OnEquipped()
	MyPlayer = PlayersService:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Tool.Parent)

--| Script Logic |--



You can make it so that if the parts affected by the rocket explosion have the same color as the player’s team, they are not destroyed.

Explosion has an event called Hit where it returns the part inside the BlastRadius of the explosion

What you could do is after the explosion, you could check if the part has the same BrickColor as the player’s team they’re in. If they do then don’t break the part’s joints and if not then do nothing.

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