How could I make a auto parachute deploy system?

  1. I want to achieve a auto parachute deploy system that would deploy at a certain height automatically like call of duty warzone.

  2. I’ve looked through the toolbox and couldn’t find anything and I don’t know how to script lol


I would assume you would need to get the players altitude in order to do so, i’m not sure if that’s in the Players Position but, you will need the altitude of the players character in order to start.

Ok any way you could create a model containing the full system, I can’t script😅 sorry

can i still get the crown of o

Unfortunately, no. I have no idea how to get the players altitude. I’m going to assume you could just also make a part that fires a remote event to auto deploy the parachute.

If you can’t script and don’t want to learn to script you shouldn’t post in Scripting Support:

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Yes any part of the player’s character would have an ‘altitude’ in the Y position of the part.

thanks but is there how would i use the altitude to make a remote event fire and make the parachute auto deploy at a certain altitude?

If you can’t script then hire someone to do it

you see thats the problem, im not allowed to buy anything my parents are strict which is why im asking for help, i cant even buy robux gosh darn it!

which provents me from using my own sounds because sometimes toolbox doesnt have what you want or has the wrong idea of what youre searching/ doesnt give you what youre actually searching for