How could I make a Instant Replay system for a boxing game?

I’m looking to make a instant replay for a knockdown, a good example of what I’m talking about can be seen in this video, Its already time stamped aswell.

I know theres a replay module available by boatbomber but I tried modifying it to my needs and it just dosen’t seem like it would be a good option, because say if I wanted it to start recording at around 30 health (knockdowns happen at 20) the fighter could recover and if a knockdown does occur it would just record the whole fight from 30 health instead of just the knockdown.

VPF Replay Module This is the module im refering to (THIS is not to bash the module I think its great but it dosen’t suite my needs.)

I know some games like football fusion and rb world 3 (league mode) have replays aswell.


You’d want to do a self-overwriting recording, meaning it’s always a 6 second recording and will trim off the beginning as it adds to the end. Old security cameras used to do this so that they could use just one VHS tape by overwriting it all the time.

This way, when someone gets KO’ed you’ll be certain to have the last few moments saved without having to record the entire time-space continuum.


How could I do this? Also thx for reply.

Well, you’d have your array of frames, and you’d remove the first frame when you record a new frame at the end if the total time is above your 6 second threshold.


Alright ill try to do that, Thanks!

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