How Could I Make a Low-Poly Mountain?

Hi! I’m not proud of asking for this but, how would I make a low-poly mountain like this?

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 1.23.34 PM

I’ve spent the last few hours looking on youtube and the devforum, but couldn’t find anything. I only saw much more detailed builds or builds that I’m not looking for. I’m 99% sure a topic like this was made before, but I can’t find it. If you can, please redirect me to the topic! If there is none, linking a youtube tutorial or any steps would be appreciated.


Here is a good tutorial I understand it is not smooth plastic just make it smooth plastic and you should be fine

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Are you talking about the green and brown mountain or the grey one?

If you’re talking about the grey one, you can always use Blender. If you don’t have experience with that, you can use low poly terrain plugins. (I can’t list any at the moment, sorry.)

If you’re talking about the green and brown one, you can make that out of parts.

I’m talking about the green and brown one. (Sorry for not being specific!) I want to try using Blender to make it instead of parts, but I don’t know how to make it out of parts either because I tried and it had too much sides, which made it a little too round.

It would be easier to make it in studio rather then blender

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You could always use a plugin called Archimedes Two. You can experiment with different angles and sizes to try to get your perfect mountain.

This can be easily created through blender with little experience you’ll manage to accomplish this cartoony mountain. When searching you should be more specific, if you search something related to Roblox It’ll come up with results your looking for.

If you choose to use Blender to create those cartoony mountains it’s mainly just a plane - cylinder sized differently it shouldn’t be hard to learn nor create. The best way to go about this though, is using a plugin or a 3D software:

(Archimedes two) plugin it will allow you to create mountain types you should play around with it to get comfortable and then you’ll figure it out this is something that could be created inside studio without needing a alternative software to accomplish this.

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Download blender. It’s an amazing free program that allows you to make assets that could not usually be made with normal roblox studio tools. I was able to make the hexagon shape that you are looking for in about than five seconds:

Shift + A —> Cylinder
Bottom-left of screen change the Vertices property to the number of sides that you want

When you are happy with what you have:

File —> Export (export as FBX or OBJ, I prefer using FBX)

In studio:

Ctrl + I —> MeshPart
MeshPart —> MeshId (click on the little folder with the arrow pointing to it)
Select your FBX/OBJ file and upload

Hope this helped!