How could I make an intvalue in the player without leaderstats?

As the title says I need to create an intvalue for each player but without leaderstats. The vast majority of tutorials use this in conjunction with the data storage service, but I only require them per round (a lapse of time)

Just change “leaderstats” in every instance it appears in to something else…?

Just don’t name the model “leaderstats” and it won’t show. : | And you’re all good

You just answered your own question. Put it in the player instead of leaderstats…

Apologies for bumping the topic, but since this topic isn’t solved I figured I could help.

    local NAME ='IntValue') -- Name your variable for the IntValue.
    IntValue.Name = 'NameOfIntValue' -- Replace "IntValue" with your local variable name.
    INTVALUE.Parent = player -- Replace "INTVALUE" with your local variable name., but make sure the parent is **player**
    INTVALUE.Value = 400 -- Replace "INTVALUE" with your local variable name.

You can rename folder

 local f ="Folder")
f.Name = "Name"
f.Parent = player
local IntValue = Instance.New("IntValue")
IntValue.Parent = f
IntValue.Name = "Name"