How could I make an Inventory System?

I want to make an inventory system, but I don’t know how I would make it or how I could script it either, do you have any ideas on how I could make an inventory system?

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First, you need to know how to use datastores

Second, you need to know how to store and edit tables

I recommend that you make a module for storing and editing the data which in this case would be inventories

Thats all you need to know tbh.

Ok, thankfully I do know all of that, the problem is I don’t know how I would make how it would work the “logic”.

By logic, if you mean a method or ways to design it. If so I have two favorite ways I can probs share.

Would you like to see some example code of how I edit tables?

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I’d prefer to see your two favorite ways of designing it or the method you have.

But seeing how you edit tables would be nice, to see if I could learn anything more.

First method I will show I refer to as the stack method when I store things in my to preserve space I give them special ID’s A letter and a number and i make a module for doing so

Image of Items module


Stack Method

Since the items wont have any data within them I just place em under 1 index and give that index a integer

function InventoryManager:AddItem(Player,ItemID,Amount)
	local Profile = DataManager:GetInventoryProfile(Player) -- ProfileService Module
	local Items = Profile.Data.Items

	if Amount == nil then Amount = 1 end

	if Items[ItemID] then	
		Items[ItemID] = Items[ItemID] + Amount
		Items[ItemID] = Amount
Other method

This method is for complex objects that have data like levels (let’s just say in my game the weapons will have levels)

function ArmoryManager:Add_Weapon(Player,ID)
	local Profile = DataManager:GetArmoryProfile(Player)
	local Arsenal = Profile.Data.Arsenal
	local WeaponAmount = table.getn(Arsenal)
	local WeaponTable = Weapons.Get_Weapon_FromID(ID)

	if WeaponAmount <= 49 then

		local GUID = HttpService:GenerateGUID(false) -- Generates a unique ID
		local Unique_ID = ID.. '#'..GUID

		local Weapon = {}
		Weapon.ID = Unique_ID -- To tell the Unique weapons apart
		Weapon.R = 1 -- Rank
		Weapon.SG = {} -- Sigils
		Weapon.E = 0 -- Experience

		if WeaponTable.WeaponClass and WeaponTable.WeaponClass.Spells then  -- Checks my weapon type incase i wanna give em ability to equip spells to there weapon
			Weapon.SP = {}


		table.insert(Arsenal,WeaponAmount+ 1,Weapon)	

if you have any questions just ask I will be happy to go more in-depth and elaborate