How could i make it so touching a part, puts a checkpoint on another part

Hello everyone! Im making an obby and I have this flag that’s on a checkpoint, and when you respawn you spawn inside of it. I dont want it to do that because its kind of weird to see people coming out of a flag pole, and its kind of annoying to spawn with a flagpole in your face every time you die. So, i want it so if you step on the white part, it sets a spawnpoint on the green part, which is going to be invisible. So you spawn away from the flagpole, and closer to your next obstacles, As seen in this picture:
Any ideas?

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Making the flag pole thinner and smaller is something I see many games do. Try that sometime.

yea, But i dont want the player to spawn inside of it, and i want the flag in the middle.

I would just spawn the player very close to the flag then. I can’t think if any other simple solutions.

hmm, well thanks for your help.

Scripts are very useful for making something easy. If you don’t know scripting don’t worry! How to make the spawner invisible? follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your “VIEW” page! image

  2. Click “Properties” image

  3. You’ll see that! image

  4. Set spawner “Transparency = 1” image

  5. Don’t forget to delete “Decal” to make fully invisible! image

  6. Finally you have invisible spawner! image

If you don’t need to make invisible spawner, make circle and write checkpoint script. Answer this if you need more help!

i have built a whole game, i know how to make a part invisible. You would know that if you read the my post. I want to make it so the person spawns O N T H E G R E E N B R I C K when they touch the W H I T E P A R T so they dont spawn on the white part. thanks for your help though i guess.

i figured it out, thanks everyone for their help.

Make circle like this:
Finished version:
Then make your checkpoint script.

I think this version is more useful.

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Where does the player spawn?

The white circle is both the spawn point and the checkpoint.

I know, but where does the player spawn on the CHECKPOINT?

Players are spawn near the pole.

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Ok, I will try it! thanks for your help.

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