How could I make my character turn into a ball and roll around

Hi I wanna make my character turn into a ball and start rolling around but I have no idea how can anybody help me start this

I want it to happen when you click space twice

This is my character

This is the inspiration


Perhaps you could have two characters: ball form and normal. Keep the opposite form in a folder with the player’s name in ServerStorage (ReplicatedStorage, if you want to access the character from the client). This allows you to easily find it. From that point, you can use VectorForce constraints relative to the world and an input script to activate/deactivate each direction in ball form.

I am unsure about the structure of your character, so from just looking at it, this is the best answer I could think of. Depending on how you are handling things, there may be a more efficient solution.

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How could I use UserinputService to make it so you have to click space twice to active ball form?

You could measure the time between each space press, and if two spaces are pressed within a certain time limit, fire a remote event to the server to transition.

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