How could i make this gui better

Hello, i am trying to make a gui for a fighting game but it feels very blank/

Could you people give me any tips to make it better?

Hmm, personally I would change the font and bold the outline of the letters a bit more. If you want, instead of having the entire “Menu” TextLabel, you could try using three lines instead and making the button smaller. Don’t forget that the chat and Roblox icon will be there in the top left! (Unless you decide to remove them)


Instead of having “Menu” on the button and “Mastery” below it, choose one or the other. Either make both of the labels on the button, or experience bar in this case, or put them both below. Hopefully that makes sense.

Overall though it’s pretty good! It’ll just come down to your game specifically, and how much more you need to add. If you can add something to the right of the mastery bar, it’ll look great!

Edit: Just noticed there’s a strange little white strip at the bottom of your menu gui.


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