How could I make this more immersive?

I have started a new project on my own as just something I wanna do after I work on some others.
Current progress after a year. (Also note I dont have atmosphere enabled so it looks a little weird visually.) This game will be 13+ so feel free to add more violent features, you can probably tell its a open world shooter type game with a points sytem, every kill counts towards points and a team needs 900 points to win. go wild.

(not the best quality because i dont have obs at its max)


Great game! In my opinion you should make the game locked to first person. It would both match realism and it would make the game even more immersive.

Not only that, try to add a feeling of “mystery”. Whether that be making it a bit foggy or dark, but then again that may not be good due to it limiting being able to see others, so try to find some other way to make it have mystery.

  • Screen shake from explosions, or even running
  • Vignette when aiming gun, being supressed by bullets, etc
  • Improve the lighting
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Lighting just looks weird because I don’t have all the settings in it right now.

Add bobble and stuff to make it more immersive. Also try making some random movements for the camera to give it a touch of realism.

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This game looks VERY good so far! Great job on it! I recommend making the GUI opacity 100% so the color is fully visible since the lower opacity annoys me a bit and makes the GUI stand out less. Otherwise, this game looks nice! How long did it take you to create all of this?

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This game took about a year to code all the weapons and movement physics, the map took about a few hours!

Coming back to your idea, the fog will corelate to real world places, in my situation this game currently takes place in the Chermkhovsky forest in Russia