How could i make this more "Lively"?

I wade this bedroom for a game that i am making, I wanna get feedback to make it better!
how do you think i could make this more “lively”, i feel like something is kinda off somehow

Thank you!

  • It looks cool!
  • I dont like it.
  • It’s ok
  • You have potential
  • Great!

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This is a really fun process as you have before you an almost blank slate to work with. For starts, I would recommend something like a wood trim either along the floor or ceiling. Another suggestion would be to differentiate the color of the ceiling from the walls.

First thing’s first, add texture. Texture makes everything become alive, usually. The room looks massive apart from the beds, so I recommend making the room a bit smaller. Or it’s just the pov. Not bad.

There’s barely any color whatsoever, the only colors are on the lights.
Also just way too large, and furniture too small, from the pov you look like a giant

Also you spelled ‘Potential’ wrong in your poll.


At first glance I saw it was all squished in that one side, with all the blank room. Since the beds are complementing each other we don’t want to move them, but the game chair and desk in between them could be moved to a different corner in order to spread it out across the whole room. The other thing I might do is add something on the walls. I would suggest some random modern looking art thing. Sorry if this is confusing :sweat_smile:

Something i forgot to say: The room looks so big cuz this is a house and i just only finished the bedroom, that’s why it seems pretty big. thanks all of you for the advice! i will check later if there’s more feed back!

is this better?

i used most of the feedback i remembered…

thanks! i will show new parts of the house later.

Hm, it looks like it would still need more color, and the space is very empty and big. Maybe try filling the room up reasonably, change the color theme up, and add better standing out textures.

How could I make this more “lively”?

  1. Add more design to your walls and also the ceiling. Here’s a picture about wall designs:
  2. Add more furniture or props such as a shelf, paintings, a TV set, etc. Just add whatever you want, but don’t forget about the most important ones for a bedroom.
  3. A wallpaper or wall texture would be nice, although this is up to you. If you don’t want to add wallpapers, then change the color of the walls along with the floor and ceiling until it’s good enough for you. Again, this is up to you.

Now, here are the things I want to tell you.

  1. Be careful with scaling. Use a dummy/character to see if your build is sized just right. Right now your bedroom is way too huge.
  2. Use up space as much as possible (Not all of the space to the point you don’t even have anywhere to walk on).
  3. Speaking about using up space, try not to be repetitive with your furnitures and such.
  4. Now, if you are going for a realistic style and not low poly, simplistic, or cartoony, try to add details to almost everything. From props to walls. If you are wondering about lag, you should research on how to optimize your map or building. Not necessary to add the very, VERY little details.
  5. Look for references. It’ll help you a lot to make a design.
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