How could I match the scale of two models?

(I decided to label this as building as models are involved, however there are meshparts within the models.)

Hello all, I’ve been trying to scale a model to a similar model’s size and I’ve had no luck. The two models are exactly the same (the only difference is the separation of parts, however they are still oriented the same) yet positioning one model at the other’s location and scaling up does not work. It seems the model shifts upwards a little, making scaling it perfectly difficult.

I was wondering if there’s a simpler solution than just moving in very small increments and hoping for the best. I’m not sure if this is a mesh-exclusive issue however it’s an issue that I feel other developers may go through.

(I used CTRL while scaling to ensure it’s all equal)

Here’s a video below explaining my problem:

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You could get the scale factor of the blue truck and apply it to the grey meshparts.

Try Ungrouping it then selecting the mesh part and scaling it to the desired size and then grouping all the parts together