How could i possibly make my game more realistic

So im working on a vr fps game, an i want the environments to be super realistic, but for some reason, everytime i make an environment something is just off, and i can’t really figure out why Here’s an example:

As you can see, its pretty realistic with nice reflections and stuff but something is off, I’m not sure how to fix it.


I think it’s the shadows, I expect them to be darker


like this?


Now that makes more sense, it’s way more realisti, but that light at the top makes me question if there’s a window :window:

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there is not, it is literally just an empty room with a door, like a walk-in closet

Then that light at the top seems out-of-place, as there’s (seemingly) no light sources, and that light makes no sense up there (for me)

it would be out of place but its just there to show off how light fills the room, that’s why I didn’t show that area in the pictures

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