How could I prevent this from happening?

So I am making a sword fight game and exploiters can use loopbring command even if its for client only the players get killed, the players get teleported for seconds its only seen on the exploiters client side but he is still able to kill them.

Does anyone have a script that would prevent this? I need it really bad

Like not make it possible for exploiters to bring any players even if its on their client only since it still kills the players, couldnt i just make it the players dont die??

Make sure your server performs a sanity check on the distance between the sword and the victim’s affected limb when you’re processing .Touched events for your swords.


Yeah i was trying to make it for server not for client, i just wanted to explain that exploiters are able to do this basically.

How would i make it so the server does that? what script should i add.

for the server the exploiter is hitting the air I guess on the server u could do some hitbox checking

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Do you have a script for that? or should I use this one

Range = 7.5

for i,v in pairs(game.Workspace:GetChildren()) do
		if v:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") and v:FindFirstChild("HitBox") then
			local HitBox = v:FindFirstChild("HitBox")
			local Human = v:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
			if HitBox and Human and HitBox ~= Character:FindFirstChild("HitBox") then
			if (HumanoidRoot.Position - HitBox.Position).magnitude <= Range then
				local detecting =, HumanoidRoot.CFrame.LookVector * Range)
				local hit,position = game.Workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(detecting, {HumanoidRoot})
				if hit then
					--Do stuff

nope, i guess just use the script that u provided

You could check if players have a ping spike or use up more than average memory. I don’t know if this exploit can bypass the ping and memory check though.

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The script doesnt work for some reason

I already got this and it doesnt work either because if it happens really quick they can just one hit the players and take all their points easily even if it means they get kicked in a second or two.

New idea, make a server script to loop check all the players health.
The one player that isn’t dead is most likely the exploiter. (Assuming they have god mode too.)

Edit: Don’t say you have instant respawn too lol.

Well wouldnt it be useless if the players are already killed? its like a steal time type of game so it would be already done and players would quit the game after a incident like this so hope you understand what i am saying.

Since the stats are already stolen after a kill

I need something that prevents them from getting killed a anticheat for loopbring exploit.

Well if I’m understand correctly, when they die, their Humanoid Health drops to 0.
So check all of their healths and if all of the sudden, all but one drop to 0, you know what to do.

So just die once and the hacker’s gone. :+1:

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I know but I cant let the players die because they lose their stats basically after a kill their stat is stolen or reset.

Isnt there a way without the player dying?

So something like:

local Table = {}
local players = game.Players

while task.wait(0.5) do
for i, t, in pairs(Table) do
for i, plr in pairs(players:GetPlayers()) do
if plr.Character ~= nil then
if plr.Character.Humanoid.Health == 0 then
--Also add another table for all characters to compare the lists.

Oh. So do they respawn or something before they die/get injured?

The script you gave me doesnt work.

Even if it did I cannot let the player die or else they will lose the stats they have thats how I scripted it because that is the idea of my game.

They die and the stat is reset basically. So I cant let it happen that a exploiter kills even one player with the loopbring exploit

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Oh, okay, I get what you mean now.
Also I may have made a few typos.

The script only checks what players are dead.


If a player has 1k kills and he loses them because some exploiter killed him that would guarantee a rage quit moment or complains which is understandable and why I want a anticheat that prevents it

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