How could I sell my builds without getting scammed?

I want to sell some of my builds (metro station, factory, houses…etc) but Idk how to trade them for Robux safely because I don’t want to give the model, and then I don’t get paid.
I saw something called “50% then 50%” but I am not sure about getting the second 50 also the buyer is not sure that when he pays the 50 and then I won’t give him the model so sometimes the buyer doesn’t prefer this way.
is there any smarter way than these?


First of all, you can’t sell your builds on roblox, second of all, nobody scams now, the worst that people do is lead you on for a few weeks building a huge map then cancel. Also if you get scammed screenshot the messages when they talk about payment and file a complaint.

Best way to sell a build is to be commissioned by someone at a fixed price that both parties agree to of course if you’re selling maps you’ve already finished typically its better for the client to pay upfront full if the map is already completed there is no solid argument where a client needs the map before paying.

This is the biggest understatement roblox security just didnt get scam proof over night scams do still happen and often from stealing maps, assets, robux and through trades. Many discords like hidden developers and rare occasion dev-fourm showcase a lot of people scamming.

Also people believing this roblox cannot regulate or enforce deals outside of roblox this goes for discord and other offsite platform. Most you can do is call out scammers potentially even try getting in contact with support team but unless you are a large well known Developer or close to a staff it is highly unlikely (If you made it outside of the platform)


Ez get 50% upfront and then when its done screenshare it as proof u have it and get the otjer 50% and then send it

so… the best thing to do is to post the build’s selling post here on devforum and then getting an upfront before giving it to him.

You cant post selling things on dev-fourms due to the rules you can try to sell on discord on discords like hidden developer.

Well… Selling creations is aganist Roblox’s ToS. If you are a builder you can work for people. They won’t scam you. If you find people want to buy your stuff, It can be a scam maybe.

If I recall correctly, Hidden Devs has a place or subcategory in their Discord where you can sell your assets. Roblox now has a 2 week waiting system in place where, if a person sends you the robux it’ll take 2 weeks to get into your account. You could use that to your advantage in selling assets.

IF you have a group you could probably make a t-shirt (free to make) and email them some photos and a video of your build and if they are interested they can buy the t-shirt and open their inventory so you can see they did buy it or make them send you a screenshot by email and when they do you can download your build on roblox and email them your build hope this helps i’m trying to do something similar too!

do you know how long it takes for the robux to get into your group when someone purchases something from your group like a shirt or pants or does it take 2 weeks still?

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Yeah. I made a shirt, bought it, and it took 3 and a half weeks, @ixFrenchVanillaxi

people do scam and it’s pretty bad and yea you can still sell through groups and send it through an email but roblox did stop the ability of people from selling models for robux.

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easy answer talent hub (its still in beta not opened yet) link it would be hard to get scammed if roblox made it well

Sell to someone trustworthy.

That, or charge payment first. I personally am a firm believer in ‘payment first, product after’, you don’t take something off eBay & pay after.

i got scammed 2,5m due to roblox support stuff. They said i stole their robux so they got their robux back. so they got my assets so as their robux so i don’t got a solution into this comment.