How could my game be considered boring?

My game:

In this video,

user Kai keeps calling the game boring. Is there an issue with the gameplay. or is he the wrong type for it?

Also, in this video,

people have more fun. This is a good example of how the experience should be. Everyone stayed a normal amt of time and had fun (I think).

The game concept looks pretty good, but I have some questions about the fire. Does it spawn in random places around the map, or just one and spreads outward? Because if you have a massive map and the fire is just slowly expanding, it could be quite boring. If it doesn’t spawn randomly, maybe make the fires appear randomly around the map in like 5 major areas then expand? Idk, that might be why it could be “boring.” Some of it also just comes down to taste

Ah, nevermind. Played the game and it seems good. I think that Kai guy just doesn’t like that type of games. Not everyone will be guaranteed to like your game

The fire starts in one place but if that fire isn’t contained, a second spot can start burning. The spawn locations are consistent but if they were inconsistent I would discourage ‘serious’ players.

In re your other comment: That’s true. I’m making a big deal out of a strongest battleground skibidi rizz blox fruit kid, who obviously isn’t the target audience.

Are there any other issues you saw?

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I can see why you think it might discourage “serious players”, but wouldn’t it also encourage them? You wouldn’t want people to be like “oh, yes i just need to hide in this one meta spot so i can grind coins since the fire spawns over here.” That would get old very fast.

Also, I don’t see any issues rn but I’ll play a bit more just to check

excess rng would scare me off as a serious speedrunner or wr hunter. im trying to popularize the ‘longest match’ wr.

I wasn’t suggesting anything crazy, just two-three spawn points for fire. But… fair enough, that checks out. Other than that, the only other thing I would suggest is a solo mode if you are playing solo. I saw there is a demo mode, but it only ran like, once. It might be fun to just have a solo mode with like some npcs if there aren’t any players.

oh yeah i removed solo mode, ill add it back when i get a chance

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oh one last thing, when you go through one of the areas that are like “one win needed” zones, you can’t get back out if you try to leave. It just keeps teleporting you in

i know abt that, ill fix it soon

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