How could you fix unions?

(I’m hovering in air on part btw)
Yeah so pretty much image is self explanatory, anyways I could get around unions having invisible parts which really frustrate me?

Union works so that when you use it it Only Union the Important Parts of a Model and that means that some Parts gets Invisible and you cannot undo it. The safetest way to do this is using Blender and create a 3D Model

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Alright then, For blender how would I create a hollow cylinder? Exactly like this

You can use a Normal cylinder and Cut them in half, then you fill them with air and insert a Block inside of it. This Block is the there Door of the hollow cylinder. The Boxes there are inside the Building can you get for Free in the Toolbox.
You can watch YouTube tutorials for Blender and how to use it because its hard to explain how to make it i give you a Video Link:

And here is a Channel to learn:

I hope this Helps you out :smile:

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You can use the Boolean modifier. It functions exactly the same as negate parts in studio. Here’s me using it with some cubes as an example:

Note: I rebinded the camera movement key to Z, by default it’s Shift + `.


Oh, also! You can probably fix this with PreciseConvexDecomposition. It is listed in CollisionFidelity in the union’s properties. It usually solves every problem with collision in my experience.

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