How detailed should fruit assets for a simulator be

So I want to make a simulator with fruits as the main item in the game, and I don’t know if the fruits I’ve modeled so far are too low detail, or if they are fine. This problem started when I started making the model for an orange. I don’t know if I should have the little bumps that real oranges have.

This is how it looks now


That looks about right to me I would keep them the same.

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I’d actually say that nothing has to be too detailed; everything should be detailed based off of the style you are going for. If you would like for the orange to be more detailed, you can always apply a texture to give it more depth, however, you should always attempt to have assets match the style of other things in the game. While you may think something is too basic/plain, it may actually work better with the style you are going for!


I love this model. So I would say keep it like this.
I even would like it if it was a bit less detailed. So you can even make it less detailed if you ask me.