How did Jailbreak do their terrain?


So i have been wondering of how did Jailbreak to their own terrain. Because what I see in Jailbreak, their mountains are like cylinder-like pyramid.


The problem is, I can’t think of any way of building those cylinder hills. Mountains are also cylinder. Like a couple of cylinders being build together until the last cylinder terrain is on top.

You know in groceries, you see people building a pyramid can. Stuffing all cans together until the last piece of can is on top.

Attempts of building it
I have tried different methods of using terrain somehow they don’t look the same as jailbreak. I am saying i am NOT trying to copy Jailbreak. I swear i am not trying to copy jailbreak just need the right way of building it right. I did some searching in other topics but i didn’t find any solution :frowning:


I am just saying that how I could build those terrain in jailbreak? Not trying to copy jailbreak just want to build it the right way. Could there be some ways? Those terrain are round and cylinder.

For months since i started using studio in January 2019, i am just new. And just knows a little bit of building and mostly good at scripting. I am bad at building terrain. They look terrible, they look look like a shape of mashed potatoes.

If you people have any ideas of building those terrain in jailbreak, Do let me know because i am trying to do similar to jailbreak.


Again, I am telling you. I am not trying to copy Jailbreak, just want to build those terrain in jailbreak the right way.


I’d say a mix of adding, smoothing and painting the terrain and a bit of regions.


Could you help me build those terrain in jailbreak. Im not trying to copy Jailbrrak

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Someone made a great tutorial on making terrain:

I hope this helps you.

That helps but I need it to be round and cylinder like Jailbreak.

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It would be a mix of adding, smoothing etc. Maybe try to look at some YouTube clips as well. I am also assuming some of it might be Meshes with textures, not sure.


Do you mean like this?




There could be scripting in building terrain.


Like that. A shape of cylinder. Can you add more and send me a pic?

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Have you tried meshes with textures?


I’m not the best at terrain, but do you mean this?


Hey Michael!


I’m glad you’re interested, but I want you to know the way Jailbreak does their terrain isn’t too special, just a plugin, and lots of hard work and countless hours reshaping and smoothing. So If you want to achieve the same quality of terrain they have achieved, that’ll come down to the time you spend shaping and molding the terrain into your vision.


For them to create such “cylinder like pyramids” is essentially based on a plugin called “Part to Terrain” which can be found below:


So Jailbreak’s terrain looks like this,

Picture: image

For you to replicate this, simply group a bunch of parts in into a cylinder, preferably aligned by a 45 or 25 degree angle as so:

Picture: image

Then afterwards, stack them any way you’d like to get the shape you wanted to mimic:

Picture: image

Then use the plugin to convert it:

Picture: image


It is up to you to determine how close my demonstration is to the actual end product I showcased first.

Now as easy as I might have made it look’s your job to look over the dimensions of your target mountain/part cylinder and determine what works for you, my picture is purely a demonstration for you to understand how they did it but you must do the heavy lifting to replicate exactly your desired end product.

It’ll take time, don’t fret you’ll get it soon enough. Goodluck! Hope I helped!


This can be simply achieved now with the new cylinder brush?


Now thats what I am talking about! I am mobile right now and and I am going to edit this reply when I test this on computer. If this works, I will mark this as Solution

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I Build those terrain like that. I am bad at terrain building :joy:


Could you use cylinders here instead of grouping parts? Cylinders would make it look like similar or accurate to JB

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Finally! I can create something that I’ve been wanting for so long! :grin:

Now I can give my game some more realisim. I could finally build a good terrain like Jailbreak. Thank you!:smiley:


They also have a cylinder brush in the smooth terrain editor, though I’m pretty sure this is for beta players only. You can try signing up for it here:

Once you’ve been accepted, there’s a new ‘Beta Features’ setting in your studio, where you can test upcoming features before they’re released. You can turn on this terrain editor feature here:

I’m not sure if the cylinder brush is even a beta feature, but someone mentioned it before and you didn’t mark it as the solution, so I’ve just assumed you don’t have access to it.


You should watch some terrain tutorials on Youtube to make terrain like in jailbreak!
That not that hard!

When using the Plugin. I received a most unwanted effect.

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