How Did Merely add Romolions into Trade Hangout?

So, I was at the Trade Hangout by Merely the other day, and I asked myself a question.
How did Merely add romolions and R.A.P of Limited items into his game? Is there some sort of in-game link to What could he have possibly done this? Please comment with your thoughts on how YOU think he did it.

Link to
Link to Merely’s Trade Hangout: Trade Hangout [Non Premium] So all can Access

Most likely Trade Hangout used some sort of HTTP request to either
an API set up by Rolimons or the Rolimon’s site itself for requests.
It’s possible that this was also a collaboration of some sort between
the game developer and the Rolimons community.
No matter how it was done, it used an HTTP request to somewhere.


That’s very odd! Any ideas how he scripted that?!

And how was it allowed by Roblox?

Why exactly wouldn’t it be allowed? I’m not sure what the system is/how it was made as I haven’t visited Trade Hangout for quite a while now. Even so, if they are using some kind of API (i.e Rolimons), how would this be against the TOS?

To answer your original question, they are probably either querying the Roblox catalog API or Rolimons (if Rolimons even has one).

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It definitely uses both the Roblox catalog API and Rolimons, since it specifically states Rolimons Value: and references the site in game.

I would think it to be not allowed, because the game incorporates out of game websites, that could be linked to inappropriate websites, even if in Merely’s case it was not used for something lie this, some people might consider using in game links to websites in a bad way.

eh just they making get request to and getting info from html