How did my jeans fail moderation?

Hello designers,

I would like to ask how to make my jeans more “age appropriate” as I’m not prepared to loose 6 hours of work. Here is a showcase of the Jean’s (ignore the shirt), but please help and give advice on how to make these have a higher change to pass moderation as I’m honestly unsure how these are wrong! Thank you, Keviny2k1

(The Body Template shown under the outfit were not uploaded to roblox, and only used for showcasing purposes, for any misconceptions)


I dont understand how you dont see the problem

Elaborate? The jean’s doesnt include the body template showcase template btw

I am pretty sure he’s referencing the obvious breasts included in your clothing, added with the near showing in the centre holding together the crop top, which should be at the back. otherwise, awesome!
Nice design my guy.

Breasts are referenced for educating purposes, not NSFW!


Ah. The breasts (for educational purposes not nsfw) was not uploaded on the design to roblox, and were only used to showcase my design on a realistic scale to discord design servers/to friends on twitter. Thank you for the feedback though!


It might be due to the skin being shown.

Either way, if you think this shirt is 100% appropriate, contact @Mod_Review_Requests to appeal your asset.


In the template no skin is shown, the skin background us only used to showcase the design to a realistic level. But I shall appeal, as there is no problem with the jeans. Thank you for this!

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Obv, Roblox moderation isn’t the best as this happened to me before and it looks like not many people understand that is just the showcase. But, I believe it was because of the breats (shading wise) that were made obvious in the design of your top. Message me on discord, brendan!#0001 and I will give you a trick on this!

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