How did the UGC creators actually receive UGC perms?

I am curious as to know how exactly the UGC creators got the permissions to upload UGC items to the ROBLOX Catalog. I am not sure whether there is some sort of application process or whatever, but I would love to find out. If anyone knows how someone becomes a UGC creator please let me know in the comment section!


Move it to #help-and-feedback:art-design-support

Community Resources is for things like guides and tutorials, not inquiries

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Ok. Thanks man. I was gonna pick that one but I was not sure.

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This is something I’ve been wondering as well. It doesn’t really seem like there is a place to apply for it or anything.

I am pretty sure only certain chosen dev’s and all star creators are allowed for UGC. I dont think there are any application for it. When its fully available for a wider range of devs there will most definitely applications and waiting processes for it to lower the bad quality Items

Here’s a thread for showcasing your ugc concepts and models- Show Off Your UGC Creations


You have to apply, but I think they’re closed right now.