How did they achieve this camera effect?

I recently played this game made by wodgedev and I was curious on how they scripted this camera.

Here’s some footage:

Can someone tell me how they achieved the weird trippy camera effect? I’m very unfamiliar with how the camera works on studio.

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They made the camera “bobble” which is basically your camera constantly shaking left and right. If you want to learn more about camera bobbling, visit this link on Roblox docs

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You can also use trigonometric functions like sine and cosine to create a camera bobble, though this requires some understanding of how they work :wut:

Edit: They are used in the example documentation, however I do suggest researching them :+1:

The first post was a disaster because I wrote it literally at 3am and I couldn’t bear the burden of someone possible needing to rely on it for an answer so here I am. Also please have mercy I almost never post somethin to this degree, especially with comments.

This is be changing the camera’s CFrame matrix.
The default/normal matrix is this.,0,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1)
The first 1 is R00. This is the horizontal squash. Lower it to squash the camera horizontally, and 0 is just black. Fun Fact, you can make R00 and R11 very low values to make the fov VERY high.
The second 1 is R11. This is the vertical squash. 0 is also black
The last 1 is R22. This is the zoom. 0 will cause you to die, pause the game, and break the game. Funny.
And the other ones are the skews.
CameraExample.rbxl (62.0 KB) Script in StarterGui.