How did they do this?

I stumbled across this developer networking game which calculates up all of your accumulated visits/group members/CCU upon joining.

Out of curiosity, how did they do this? Is there any API or some kind of way to check whether a user has game access binded to their group role? Keep in mind, my account does not own the groups in which these visits are attributed to.
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i think they used HttpService with another code outside of Lua, like Python or JavaScript, and then they return the value to roblox studio again

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To add onto @FurukanDev’s answer, there is a list of all the Roblox web APIs. Perhaps those external programs use one of these.

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It’s more than likely some kind of proxy (because you can’t directly perform requests to the Roblox apis) with a couple api calls


Adding onto this thread with my own discovery. After testing it out for a bit, I believe they just check the name of the role the player has in the group. The role ID (Rank) has to also be greater than 1. Here’s what I concluded:

  • Player’s role has a rank greater than 1
  • The name of the player’s role has the one of the following keywords: “dev”, “developer”, “owner”, “contributor”, “creator”, “programmer”, “builder”, “team”, “ui”, “modeler”, “founder”, “artist”
  • If a player’s role does not satisfy either of these, I assume they also check if the player owns the group (if their role is not already labeled as “owner”)

If the role in the group satisfies these requirements, they retrieve information about the group’s games through a proxy and add the visits to the player’s total visits. I could be totally wrong - this is just a strong assumption, so do what you will with that information. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, I was thinking that it might be something along the lines of this as well. The results are sometimes inaccurate so it wouldn’t make much sense if it relied on web APIs. Thank you for your thoughts!