How difficult should my maze game be?

I am looking for feedback on a maze I made. I created it because I found it easy to build and it helped me to learn how to use Roblox Studio such as parts and terrain. I wasn’t going to publish it at first, however: now that I have it somewhat finished I kinda liked the difficulty of trying to solve it so I did actually publish it. My concern now is if I made a maze that is impossible to solve and if that is why everyone tries to solve it for a few minutes and then quits. So if anyone could check it out and let me know if I should keep it as is or make it easier


If you would like to see it for yourself and not just a picture I named it Rage Quitters Maze lol


Considering that you named it “Rage Quitters Maze” the mazes should be somewhat challenging. You could add different difficulties for mazes, such as easy, medium, hard, etc.
As far as feedback for the game itself, it’s good. My only suggestion would be to add some music if possible.
Good luck on this project, you’re doing good so far :+1:

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The game looks good to me. I would recommend to make a badge for the players who make it to the end so that other players will want to win the badge and spend more time on your game if you publish it in the future.


You should be prepared for a very low like ratio

Why should I be prepared for that

I like the secret tunnels and the fake walls… i wish they led to somewhere you can’t normally get to by just walking though. I gave up after about 5 minutes though… i wish you could zoom out maybe 20 clicks, just enough to get a little bit of an overhead view so you can kind of see where you are located, its very easy to get lost, and although its a maze you actually dont want people to quit, you want them to think its impossible, but also be possible.

Great job with the game!

The harder it is the more dislikes
That’s why its always a bad idea to make one of those hell obbies or devilish mazes :joy: