How do "Accounts Temporarily on Hold" get reactivated?

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong category for this kind of post—I’m a new member and haven’t completely figured out the categories yet (this seems to fit “discussion of the forums” but if I’m wrong please correct me)

When you try to post a reply or a new topic without being at least a New Member+, your account is automatically put “on hold” by the site.


With the new automatic accepting process, people can become members soon after their account gets deactivated, and they won’t be able to use it until their post gets manually reviewed. From what it looks like, there’s nobody to manually review these posts.

How does someone get their post reviewed or their account otherwise reactivated?
(Accounts have gone 4 months without getting it reviewed, so I don’t know if waiting it out is the only option or whether the staff are just catching up)


Where did you hear that accounts have gone 5 months without being reviewed?

I made this account because my main account (@posatta) has been locked 4 months without being reviewed, that was a typo on my part.

I’m betting that it’s with the fact that there’s little priority on reviewing new topics from non-members either because there were a lot of low-quality posts or posts in general. I’m not sure if they implemented that as they introduced new members onto the forums (through activity). If your other account is still on hold, you may want to contact someone over at Developer Relations to help with your situation.

1 Like says that is only for “an urgent matter”, is this just the default Discourse text or is there a better place to contact them? I don’t think the post was anything worth keeping, it’s just that I can’t post anything at all on that account until it gets reviewed somehow.

I’m pretty sure emailing them there is fine.


Thanks! I’ll go do that now.

You really shouldn’t have emailed them. The Developer Engagement Team group exists for a reason, you should’ve just sent this group a message. You’d probably get a faster response anyway. A locked account wouldn’t necessarily be seen as an… urgent matter.

Please follow up in private with the DevEngagementTeam group.