How do Devs promote their games?

Hey Developers!

We are looking to get an idea of what sort of promotion our developers use! Please complete this short survey, and let us know about any promotional work you’ve done, or plan to do, for your game(s):

This can include anything from paid advertisements to social posts (streaming included!) about your game!


I smell something good coming out of this.


Why does this survey ask about our age? :thinking:

Asking for your age isn’t new. I have a feeling it has something to do with COPPA for people who say they are under 13.


I thought you guys would never ask! :grinning:

We need better stats to find out where players are landing on our game’s detail page from, so that we can see if our promotions work.

Stuff like past hour/day/monthly and say 40% from the 'Popular sort, 30% recommended, 10% from sponsored ad, 20% from everything else, etc

I know that my promotions such as sponsored game ads work well enough that I economically can keep doing them, but some solid stats on just how much of the daily page visits come from these sponsored game ads would be so valuable


I haven’t done any promotional work, but developers I do know get in contact with a wide range of youtubers, they post on twitter, get shout outs on big Roblox discord servers, and then the normal line-up which the website itself provides.

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My game for some reason just gained traction on its own over a long period of time. I think people kept finding it in each others’ favourites and played from there.

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Would also be useful to know about external sites (YT etc), but I’m unsure if thats possible

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