How do I achieve this consistent shading of polys in my mesh?

I’m slightly confused about this consistently coloured area on this mesh. There is no texture included in this mesh, it is being coloured soley based on Roblox material and base colour. Yet there is some form of texture data making the area remain black? Does anyone know what this is or how it is achieved?

Screenshot 2024-07-10 115457


That mesh uses vertex coloring. If no texture is applied to the mesh the color of a triangle/vertex is determined by the color of the vertex multiplied by the (Brick)Color of the mesh. Given that the eye has black (no color) vertex coloring, multiplying it with any color will still result in black, so its appearance remains the same.

I have no visuals I can easily share on mobile, but just googling ‘vertex coloring’ will probably tell you everything you need.


Interesting! Thanks a lot, been stumped on this one for a while


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