How do I achieve this cupcake icing?

Hi! I’m making a cupcake and I’m trying to achieve this specific style for the cupcake icing. I cant find any tutorials for this. Let me know if you know how to achieve this!


I assume you have experience with blender and how to upload meshes from roblox to it? if so you could use this hat as a base Whipped Cream Hat - Roblox

All you would really need to do it flatten the bottom, remove the cherry and bring it to a point, even if you dont have mesh experience its still a good basic thing to start with, hope this helps

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If you wish to mimic that in roblox you will have to use oval parts that are unionalbe but I DO NOT recomend it since it will most probably be made of a lot of parts but I do know it’s possible.

I wish to mimic it using blender

Well I advise to find a good blender tutorial for objects like these especially how to make it smooth and such. I do belive there is a way to use a molding technique in blender.

Hi, I searched on Youtube for a blender cupcake tutorial and found this:

The result looks pretty similar to what you’re trying to achieve :slight_smile: