How do i achieve this?

So i have been stuck with this problem for a while and i really need a system like this but i dont know how to ahieve it, basically i need to make an ui like the roblox’s workspace thing, an infinite list, draggable things to be able to parent to other and etc but ive tried for so long and i have achieved this infite list but not the other things.

TLDR; i need to make an ui that functions like roblox studios workspace.

Just use a script for draggable frames, then when the drag has ended check which frame ui your mouse is hovering over.

Yes i dont have a problwm with that but u know how u can view the children of an object in the worksace? thats what im struggling with

I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve here. Could you be a bit more specific and potentially provide some examples.

Just use Instance:GetChildren() and loop through it.

for _, child in pairs(parent:GetChildren()) do
   -- create a frame, with the label set to child.Name & icon depending on the child.ClassName

Make another UIList for the children and make it invisible/visible. Do that recursively for all children.

Yes but i need it to be likethe workspace.

so basically that

that is like the workspace…

Well could you elaborate then? because i didnt understand

Create a frame with a UIListLayout and put frames for all the children. Then make the frame Visible = true or false when you click on it. Then do that recursively for all the children frames just like in studio.

Then it would be massive of space between the the things, and what if the thing has more children? I cannot create infinite frames, so i would have to create them via scripts?


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