How do I acquire an Animation ID from a Moon Animator animation?

I probably should not make an entire topic about this, but I am making animations for a game and am trying to add them right into the game. I am using a model called “PlayAnimation” that requires an Animation ID and allows you to set different speeds for the animation. I am using Moon Animator. So I made a TestAnimation of my Avatar walking and exported it and it came up as this.
I watched a tutorial and all it said was to export the animation and it would play, however, I need an Animation ID in order to use it, and I cannot find it anywhere. All I can find are the keyframes and the exact points of each movement a body part the rig made.

Can anyone help me with this? This will help my developing a lot. Thanks!


Is that all thats in your explorer? Try to find a numbervalue…

I did a bunch of searching around and found no numbervalue…
But I did find a long number that was the first frame in the animation and it wouldn’t move…

Right Click the Test Animation and click Save to Roblox then it will take you to some save pages then afterwards it will show you the id once you submit.