How do i add a frame inside a scrolling frame through a script?

hi, i’m making an inventory system for my game, put when i add a frame inside of the scrolling frame through a script the frame is invisible

screenshot of the inventory with the invisible button:


for i,Frame in pairs(Player.Values.Inventory:GetChildren()) do
	local FrameClone = script.Frame:Clone()
	FrameClone.Parent = ScrollingFrame
	FrameClone.Text = Frame.Name

Your issue could be because the zIndex of the frame your cloning is smaller than the one of the scrolling frame. Try that?

i have already tried put that did not work

Try setting the scrolling frame’s background transparency to 1

it already is transparency to 1

Oh wait, I messed around for a bit and found that the white frame in the back can overlap the scrolling frame, causing the button to be hidden. Try setting the scrolling frame’s ZIndex to the highest of all of the frame.Parent’s children

Not sure why you would want to add a scrolling frame after the other frame is already there showing.
If there isn’t enough items to scroll it will look like normal with the scrolling frame included from the start.

i fixed it.
InventoryGui before was :

InventoryGui = game.StarterGui.InventoryGui

and i fixed it with

InventoryGui = script.Parent

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