How do I add a new place into a game without shutting down the game?

Today I decided to add another place into my game, Build A Boat For Treasure, for an upcoming update. I opened the game in studio, right clicked “places” in the “Game” tab, and clicked “Add New Place.” Then the game shut down immediately without warning. The game entered experimental mode and turned off all the VIP Servers.


Firstly, I think Roblox should add a warning of what’s to come when you choose that option.

Secondly, I was wondering how do I add a new place into my game without this happening again? Is there a way to add another place without the game shutting down and without the game going into experimental mode? Once I added the new place to my game, I tried turning on FE in the new place. But the game remained in experimental mode. I decided to remove the new place to allow players to rejoin the game as soon as possible. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Just found this. Explains why experimental mode didn’t turn off. Oops.


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Where did you find this?

I found it here.

I also tested it and it works.

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I did some playing around. I found out that if I create a new game with a new place in it. I can get that one off of experimental mode then transfer it over to a non-experimental mode game and that seems to work fine.

Sorry about this – we are working to fix this bug as quickly as possible. Your game should never become private by accident.

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The bug where adding a place to your game from Studio made your game private has now been fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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