How do i add an accessory to a rig?

im trying to deisgn some skins for my game. i dont know how to get the accessories in. how do i import them ? also i cannot use the avator importer and get my avatar and change the meshs and texure ids. my game i using a special r15 rig with mesh deforms. so the plugin wont be able to work.


What do you mean

with mesh deforms.

Did you mean bundles?

no. r15 blocky avatars with deforming meshes.
see how there no disconnects in the arms and legs?

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also do you know how to add the accessories?

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Rig.Humanoid:AddAccessory(the accessory)
Also the attachment name inside this accessory’s handle has to have the same name as another attachment inside the rig
Api reference Accessory | Roblox Creator Documentation

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i dont understand what you mean,

i dont know how that works.
i dont know how to attach the stuff either. i came here hoping to learn how.

im also not adding it to a player. im adding it to a rig. a dummy in the game. not the player.

It works either way rig or not rig it just has to be a humanoid that’s it

i still dont understand it. im trying to just insert it. not run a bunch of code.