How do I add automatic GUI translations?

hello, there is a game that I created for a test, the automatic translation of the gui was activated for a good fifteen languages without me having to do anything for it to activate. Recently I published a new game (which is the finished version of the test that I published on another place that the release date of the game is not biased), except that on this place the automatic translations are not activated and I can not do anything to activate it (or I do not know what to do). Does anyone have any idea why? Thanks

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  1. Your game is written in another language?
  2. Can you send me screenshots?

Hello, my game is written in English. Which screenshot do you want me to send?

Hello, can you take a screenshot to this tab?

I specify that manually adding languages does not work

I couldn’t say the reason I’m sorry.

Hello, someone know how can i have automatic GUI translation ? Especially since it is essential in my game to read what is in the gui

Do you have automatic translation enabled by default in your games? I would like to understand if I am an isolated case or if it is normal? In the support script I was told that it looks like a bug.Thank you