How do I add "light influence" to bubble chat?

Having bubble chat can be ruined in horror games, so I am asking:

-Is there a way to change the max distance of it?
-Is there a light influence option?
-Can I change the core mechanics of the bubble chat system?

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Here’s a reply I made to a post regarding disabling chat options:

Fork the BubbleChat LocalScript and set the properties you want accordingly. The BillboardGui for BubbleChat is created at line 324, so you can integrate the LightInfluence and MaxDistance configuration in its creator function.

Behaviours modification also requires a fork.


Thank you, is it also possible to do the same with name tags?

For that you could connect a function to the CharacterAdded event to change the DisplayDistanceType property of the player’s Humanoid object.

I’m aware how to do that, It’s just I need it for light influence.

No, character nameplates are baked into CoreScripts. You can try and replicate nameplates to be able to do this but I don’t have the code for that on me right now.

I know it’s possible because a game I know called “The Final Stand 2” does this. It has a fork of the nameplate and has two health bars. The second one is a blue version of the health bar that represents armour integrity.

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