How do I add lighting?

Question is in the title, how do I make lighting?

Does this help?


As stated above, always look around. The Roblox wiki has some pretty good stuff, I just Searched ‘lighting’:

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What the other replys above stated.

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Hi, I specialize in doing lighting, not to flex but below is an example of some of my lighting work (all done in roblox studio).

In Explorer, right click on “Lighting” > Insert Object > add in Color Correction, Bloom, and sunrays. From there you can click on color correction/bloom/sunrays and adjust what they do in their Properties (in the properties window).
-For color correction, I recommend slightly raising contrast and saturation (like .2 to .3, but varies with the game sometimes you may want negative - NEVER USE COLOR CORRECTION’S COLOR TINT, IT’S UGLY.)
-For sunrays, usually I like them weaker than the default setting. Also, if you set time of day (in Lighting > properties) to morning/evening the sunrays will be orange.
-To change the color of light the sun casts on objects, change Colorshift Top in Lighting> Properties.

  • I usually like to raise Exposure compensation in Lighting> properties to about .1, again varies by game.
    -Changing FogEnd in Lighting>Properties lets you have fog. You can adjust fogcolor as well. By adding an inverted mesh around your map you can get fog in the sky (although I believe roblox is making a feature where you won’t need an inverted mesh to do this)
    -I also like to add blur (Lighting > right click > insert object > blur) and set size to 2, acts like anti aliasing.

Hope this helps