How do I allow a character to "Phase" through the floor in an animation

Having an issue where the player stops half way when “portal’ing” through the floor, seemingly getting stuck due to the lower and upper torso + head being collide. Is there a way to disable this?

Seems like a bit of a dumb question, however im not a “god” at animating.

scp106 preview - Clipped with - Example here (see 00:35)

– I have tried editing collisions, however it appeared to not work


Can you do it by changing the Character’s HipHeight?
I think I’ve seen people say that even if you make a Player’s Parts CanCollide off they immediately change to CanCollide on in the next frame.
You might have to look into CollisionGroups.

Tried hipheight, was one of the first things i thought of. Again, got stuck in the ground + was sliding all over the place like mad.

If you animate with roblox’s default animation plug-in, it lets you drag the torso below the ground.

If it isn’t a animation issue, perhaps add a wait before it travels to the next location.

I don’t know much else besides that. Sorry.

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It does, however when the animation actually plays it stops mid-anim as the torso gets “stuck” and glitches